Kitchen & Table is your source for the finest quality and most unique kitchenware and kitchen related products!  Don't clutter your kitchen with outlet, second's and discontinued items.......CELEBRATE!...your kitchen with the best!!

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The new and fun "Snapi" from KitchenHappy is the only one handed pasta and salad tool!. It is dishwasher safe and available in 4 fun colors!

Rolf"s Cut Crystal "School of Fish" engraved Glassware is as popular as ever!  Find the fish that swims to its own tune?!  Available in a variety of glassware types from wine to pilsners.

Dreamfarm is an Australian company with unique and innovative designs. From the Supoon, a spatula spoon hybrid, to the popular Tapi, a bubbler for your sink. Customers love these colorful and practical items. 


Kitchen’s Bring Friends and Families Together!

This is our motto and its one we strive to promote.  The friendly and knowledgable staff at Kitchen & Table of Wickford work hard to bring you beautiful, high quality, affordable items for the kitchen and dining room so your friends and family will know you care!


Browse our linen department for Fine European table linens or check out our famous Wall of Gadgets for a wide array of high quality kitchen fun!


Beautiful serving dishes, functional, high quality cookware, the ever popular School of Fish glassware by Rolf, ceramic cookware, smokeless and dripless candles and a trove of fabulous hostess gifts are just a taste of the many products we make available to you for function and pleasure. Most of our ceramic products are designed to go from oven, or microwave to stovetop, table and the refrigerator!


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